Termite Species That Exist And Symptoms That Attack Us

One of the most dangerous pests, due to the associated risks, is termites since they attack the structures of buildings Below we describe the most common termite species that attack most homes

Most Frequent Species Of Termites

The classes of termites are varied. However, only a few can be considered pests because only some are capable of causing damage to structures. As an example, subterranean termites mainly attack wooden structures.

However, despite the fact that many people think that they live in these structures, this is not the case, since they only resort to wood for their food since cellulose is found in it, which is their main source of food.

The problem with this class of termites lies in the possibility that they can attack structures located near these places. On the other hand, dry wood termites have considered the deadliest species today when they introduce their eggs into cellulose.

When termites take over our homes, the only way to exterminate them is to turn to companies specialized in disinfection


That Your Facilities Are Being Attacked By Termites

Doorsframes, and furniture are some of the targets of these insects that can be extremely harmful and destroy our furniture. 

The biggest problem with this type of pests is that they are very difficult to discover, since they do not leave visible signs of their proliferation, unlike other species such as woodworm.

The invasion of these insects is practically silent and the noise they cause feeding on our furniture is really difficult to detect.

Dry Wood Furniture

The main sign or evidence that we have termites in the furniture is the visualization in the dry wood furniture of holes created by the termites themselves to throw their excrement outside. However, sometimes these holes are so small that, as they leave no sawdust, they are very difficult to detect.

If we detect winged termites at home, we must be alert to the possibility of an invasion. If one day we see only one of these termites we do not have to be alarmed However, if there are several of them or even a small swarm, we must be aware of the existence of a possible plague and of the need to start treatment against these termites.

You can always hire a professional to carry out proper real estate termite inspection to ensure your properties are free from these dangerous pests.